Eleven years of experience has allowed SatGate to elaborate a broad range of services and solutions for the ISP sector. SatGate offers both simplex and duplex satellite links in various modulations and encapsulations. Services are being provided via satellite with 100% CIR (committed information rate) using virtual channels inside broadband carriers and SCPC carriers. RipFrame receiver, produced by SatGate engineers, makes possible for SatGate clients to receive DVB-IP over Frame Relay data stream in high modulations with exceptional quality at low price level. SatGate offers wide range of high quality satellite solutions using its own teleport and modern technological platforms. SatGate provides its clients with a top-notch connectivity to Tier-1 Internet backbone operators such as Telia Sonera, Cogent, LinxTelecom and TEO.

Presently SatGate is providing high quality satellite Internet connectivity services in many countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in most of CIS countries, in Middle East and Asia. The ever-growing demand of the people, businesses, government and non-for-profit organizations in high quality Internet connectivity, economic growth and a lack of terrestrial telecom infrastructure of the above regions made possible for SatGate to perform a considerable expansion on the CIR unlimited Internet access markets.

Currently SatGate offers a considerable number of CIR unlimited broadband satellite Internet solutions: both one-way (simplex), and two-way (duplex).services ranging from 128Kbps to 155Mbps of throughoutput per each satellite link. This fully fits the growing demand of telecom operators, leading ISPs, international corporations, government and not-for-profit organizations.

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