SatGate Holding has launched its own new teleport facilities in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 2008, where it had used the most up-to-date telecommunications technologies.
There are seven top-notch Earth stations fully equipped with transmitting and receiving hardware already involved in airing TV channels globally, transmitting and receiving data channels and voice traffic.

Backbone connectivity is provided through two independent fiber optic links assuring dependable access to major Tier-1 operators Cogent, LinxTelecom and TEO.

SatGate Teleport is powered via two independent 10kW lines and equipped with an uninterruptible power supply system as well as with a diesel power generator and a climate control system.

Presently SatGate Holding is transmitting and receiving signals via three geostationary satellites in order to run its projects:

1. YAMAL 200-2, 49 East

2. HELLASSAT-2, 39 East

3. ASTRA- 1G, 31.5 East

SatGate offers its clients downlink, uplink and turnaround services via satellites from 35 West to 90 East orbital positions as well as fiber optic connectivity for TV uplinking, radio and data streams’ delivery from the teleport and the technology park LITEPA in Vilnius.


Below some of the SatGate teleport services are highlighted:

teleport2 teleport3
teleport4 teleport5
  • Data and signal delivery
  • Occasional services
  • Monitoring
  • Encoding and satellite capacity provision
  • Conditional access & STBoxes
  • Playout and premises rental
  • Broadband solutions
  • IP backbone and connectivity

Highly qualified teleport personnel performs 24/7/365 connectivity, data, TV channels and conditional access monitoring, takes care of and operates all the hardware inside the teleport. All failure alarm signals are constantly recorded. Reports on the possible outages within the system are available.

SatGate provides its clients with the requested capacity from different satellites in a timely manner in order to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Various conditional access systems can be implemented on the SatGate teleport upon the request of a client. SatGate specialists have experience in working with Viaccess, Conax, NDS, Irdeto. Clients are provided with the ability to install and utilize the conditional access systems by themselves, they also get assistance with ordering, delivery and distribution of the receivers.

SatGate teleport provides its clients with the ability to rent premises for their own apparatus room or studio, rents out 19-inch racks in assigned areas equipped with redundant cooling and power systems, Internet access and monitoring, office space is available on request..


SatGate teleport offers the following broadband solutions:

  • CIR unlimited broadband DVB-IP, IP over Frame Relay connectivity
  • Broadband DVB-IP CIR/Burst (unlimited) connectivity
  • Broadband IP over Frame Relay CIR/Burst (unlimited) connectivity
  • Broadband DVB-IP CIR/Burst (traffic limited) connectivity
  • IP backbone access for SCPC links
  • Duplex IP access in TDMA
  • VoIP
  • Private corporate networks
  • Satellite network’s development
  • Turnkey VSAT systems’ installation

 SatGate teleport is located on the fiber optic ring:

  • Physical layer consists of 4×16 channels CWDM, throughoutput up to 160 Gbit/sec
  • Double redundant fiber ring with 5 Gbit/sec throughoutput Network layer is based on MPLS
  • Network layer is based on MPLS

All network is adapted to any data transport, including traditional video content (SDI or ASI MPEG) between the network’s points of presence.

 SatGate teleport is connected to Internet via high quality redundant links to:

  • Cogent Communications 1x10GE
  • TEO 2xGE
  • LinxTelecom 2xGE

SatGate network’s point of presence (PoP) is located in Stockholm, outside Lithuania, in the Telecity RedBus Bromma.

sg network en

SatGate teleport offers:

  • High capacity IP data links and VoIP services (through its own network switch and VoIP SHOUT).
  • Dedicated Transport Channels for television transit in ASI multiplexing mode.

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