Arcus Innotech, one of SatGate Holding companies, has launched a new product, utilizing HSSI Frame Relay technology, to the telecommunication market in 2008 - professional DVB-S2/DVB-S satellite receiver – RipFrame.

RipFrame receiver, being rather affordable, possesses a unique possibility to work on broadband carriers up to 140Mbps in various modulations ranging from QPSK to 32APSK.

All Telecom operators and ISPs which have purchased satellite Internet connectivity services from SatGate have been using RipFrame receivers for downlink for a period of more than 4 years.

RipFrame is perfectly functioning with such satellite modulators as Newtec NTC2077/2080/2277/2280/7044/AB, Tandberg TV SM5600, Comtech EF DATA SDM2020M while working in duplex mode.

RipFrame is highly dependable, does not require active cooling and does not include a HDD.

RipFrame allows ISPs and telecom operators to use frequency spectrum effectively while increasing the throughoutput of the links.

Using a combination of several RipFrame receivers gives telecom operators and ISPs an opportunity to receive high capacity broadband links having low IP/DVB hardware costs.

10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet output interface makes RipFrame easy to use with other networking hardware of ISPs and telecom operators.

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