SatGate Holding offers the companies working in the oil and gas fields both dedicated (SCPC) links and satellite corporate networks implementation on a joint multi-service (iDirect) platform.

Implementation of corporate VSAT networks based on TDMA technology makes it possible to create a unified information framework between the headquarters and the existing or being constructed derricks, pumping and compressor stations, pipelines and storages, geological-reconnaissance forces and layer development areas.

SatGate satellite communications systems provide our clients with an opportunity to use voice, broadband Internet access, videoconference and data transfer services.

SatGate solutions make it possible for oil and gas companies to create unified tracking systems for monitoring and measuring equipment, to obtain data regarding all objects of infrastructure in a timely manner, to organize observation of the unattended sections of the pipelines, layer development areas, oil bases and other remote objects via Internet; to ensure safety of any objects of infrastructure, using a video surveillance system, intrusion protection and access control.

Complete complex of SatGate services includes network design, installation, implementation, adjustment and maintenance.

SatGate Group companies deliver and assemble equipment of any complexity.

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