SatGate has a great number of activity areas:

  • development, production and sale of professional satellite equipment
  • satellite solutions for ISPs and oil and gas companies
  • satellite TV broadcasting using fixed or mobile stations
  • teleport services (monitoring, broadcasting, signal coding, broadband solutions)
  • inexpensive internet service for home users and small businesses
  • sale of equipment and providing satellite service based on iDirect
  • development, implementation and sale of TCP-Accelerator SlonAx

SatGate uses the most modern technology solutions. Professional managing, engineering, programming and marketing staff successfully meets all targets, implements new projects and solutions with high quality and economic effectiveness.

SatGate has 15-year experience; it started in November 2001 with providing satellite Internet services to Central and Eastern Europe.

As result of inner stability and high professionalism, SatGate used to rapidly develop in a severely competitive market and used to engineer and implement new solutions every year.  
2004 can be mentioned as a key year, when foundation of Teleport was laid in Vilnius (Lithuania) that became the solid platform for further business running and holding development. At the end of 2004 SatGate launched new project: satellite Internet solutions for home and   corporate users, which still remains actual and popular.    

In the year of 2005 SatGate started providing iDirect service - satellite services based on dynamic bandwidth allocation.

In 2006 SatGate started occasional TV translation services, using  portable mobile systems, which allow  a live satellite broadcasting from Baltic area.

In 2008 SatGate developed own RipFrame receiver which opened possibility of receiving up to 140Mbps using just one set of equipment and started FrameRelay over DVB-S2. This receiver  afforded  SatGate providers new opportunities and gave new impetus to the development. At the same year SatGate’s software developers produced SlonAX Internet accelerator and traffic compression utility allowing users fully utilize satellite downlink using just GPRS, further 3G, as a request channel.

In 2011 SatGate additionally   started providing telecom solutions for oil and gas companies.

During 13 years SatGate successfully enters new markets, by implementing qualitative satellite services to different countries.

Presently SatGate provides satellite internet connectivity services in over 15 countries via geostationary satellites operated by Gascom, SES Astra and HellasSat. Marketing geography is determined by the nominal coverage of the above satellites: Eastern European, CIS, the Middle Eastern, Asian and the Caucasus countries.

The service is provided mostly to the ISP and big enterprise target audience with committed information rate (CIR) bandwidth ranging from 128Kbps to 90Mbps.
Having broad experience, we can offer you efficient and effective cooperation way. High competence of our experts makes it possible to solve the most difficult problems.
Cooperation with SatGate will provide your business with strong competitiveness! We are always happy to cooperate and we will do our best to make your business more effective.

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