During 13 years SatGate  does business with ISPs and national telecom operators. Their strict requirements to reliability and service caused the forming of high-professional monitoring and service system.

SatGate uses two-level tracking system, monitoring links and customer services, and provides the technical support 24/7/365.

On the first level, teleport technical support team constantly monitors the state of all Teleport equipment, including clients’ equipment, and keeps track of TV and communications links.

Notifications about all errors, occurring in the service delivery system,   are around the clock recorded.
The second level is European Satellite Operation center (SOC). It has a technical support team, keeping track of all SatGate Internet services.  Additional shift of system engineers on a 12-hours/7 days basis immediately solves all technical issues, related with service operations.  Also there is a special ticket debugging system.

SatGate provides customers with graphical system, displaying satellite signal level and speed. 

Clients are also able to monitor service remotely via Internet. SatGate Satellite Communications provides customers with the system of remote equipment control, which allows SatGate engineering team to repair failures or restart clients’ receive/transmit equipment without their personal presence.

SatGate lets adjust signal levels dependant on weather conditions. In case of the worsening weather conditions on the client side, special system automatically adjusts carrier parameters, improving client-side receiving

SatGate Satellite Communications  technological developments make  high-quality service  with permanent  maintenance and operational control available for customers.

Please contact technical support team for getting first-line support:

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