SatGate brought a new generation program accelerator - SlonAx 3G - to the market of Internet services in 2008.   

SlonAx 3G allows its users a more effective capacity utilization along with the links’ performance improvement, especially the ones with large delay, such as satellite or mobile ones.

SlonAx 3G accelerator is a win-win solution for telecoms and ISPs, where their clients benefit from faster Internet, stay more satisfied with the quality of service, while keeping the operator’s hardware and capacity upgrade costs on a very low level.

SlonAx 3G accelerator provides real-time integration of the accelerator platforms with the services of the operator, allowing convenient API, online authorization and traffic consumption control.

SlonAx 3G does not require significant capital expenditures by the ISPs although possessing low level of the operation costs. Service installation is done free of charge by SatGate specialists.

SlonAx 3G program accelerator is a client-server application for creating a tunnel between the client’s computer and the service provider. Generally SlonAx is an analog to a standard IP tunnel, but using a special optimized network protocol based on UDP and possessing some additional functions.

  • It allows a more effective capacity usage as well as a high delay links’ performance improvement, such as satellite, mobile and radio links.
  • It increases data security by encoding the link thus making it inaccessible for others who might be trying to access it using open communication channels.
  • It eliminates the slow start problem.
  • It radically reduces the technical part of the TCP traffic which is not used for the data transport, particularly the TCP-ACK packets.
  • HTTP-traffic is converted by a special way, substantially reducing the quantity of the data to be transmitted.
  • SlonAx data exchange protocol uses its own algorithms for detecting the packet loss between the server and the client’s part while correcting and restoring the transmission errors.
  • Special compression method is used to ensure a better compression of the transferred traffic.

As a result, SlonAx is optimizing the usage of the available Internet connection capacity and greatly reduces the amount of the transferred traffic while completely retaining the normal functionality of the Internet applications being used by the client.

For more information on SlonAx 3G accelerator please use the link below.

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